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The following are "Python" library packages I have used to develop my image processin routine.  They are all open source and will need to work with a specific version of "Python".  Many of these require a minimum of "Python" 2.4.


GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

This is an open source set of libraries for raster geospatial data.


FWTools - This is a little software package from the primary developers of GDAL.  It is open source and runs on Windows/Linux


"Python" Related Libraries


"wxPython" - Libraries to develop Windows-based apps using "python"


"Python" Imaging Library (PIL) - provides some image processing capability for up to 3 band formats.  This is why I was looking into GDAL and NumPy for multispectral image processing capabilities.


NumPy - numerical processing, linear algebra, matrix algebra, N-dimensional arrays


SciPy - requires NumPy for numerical integration and optimization


MatPlotLib - 2D plotting library of plots, histograms, scatter plots, charts, etc.  Requires NumPy.


Basemap - a matplotlib toolkit for plotting and creating maps in "real" coordinate systems.  Requires MatPlotLib.


PythonCard - a library to help build GUIs.  Can reduce some of the code wriiten in "wxPython"



This section provides resources to GIS related Python.  I will be placing snippets of code for my Intermediate GIS Programming Class and may highlight some of their work as the semester goes on.  If you have any scripts you would like to pass on, you can email it to me.


Python        (02.16.2007)  Functional in ArcGIS 9.1 or later.  This code was used to demostrate the following to my students.  It is heavily documented

  • Create a Table (.dbf) from scratch)

  • Search, Insert, and Update Cursors

  • Join a Table (MakeFeatureLayer is required)

  • Write Data to Output File


Image Processing wxPython_v. (update 03.18.2007)  This is very early code written in "Python" using the "wxPython" modules that are part of "wxPython".  I hope to continue work on this as time permits for my remote sensing class.  This is to be used as a teaching aid to students and myself who cannot afford the commercial software, but want it a little more functional than other freeware.  The "(Python) Image Library" is expected to be used.


Currently there are no functional routines, except the Help-->About.


I will include basic image processing functionality as I can get to it or others would like to contribute.


I would like to include:

  • Viewing - simple loading of remotely sensed imagery, zoom in/out, pan, zoom to extent
  • Utilities - subsetting, file conversion
  • Image Enhancement - Contrast Stretch, Principle Components
  • Image Classification - ISOData (unsupervised), MaxLike (supervised)
  • RADAR - slant-to-ground range, texture analysis



  • ESRI Related Resources


ESRI Developer Network (EDN)


ESRI ArcObjects Developer Online

  • Scripting Languages





IDL (Interactive Data Language)