Los Rios Community College GIS Program
LRCC_GIS_Program The GIS Program at Los Rios Community Colleges 

The Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) GIS Program is one of the top notch GIS programs in the country and world where one can obtain GIS instruction and hands-on opportunities with geospatial software, hardware, data, critical thinking, and problem solving that employers and organizations are looking for and expecting from students coming out of a higher education program.  The majority of GIS faculty is adjunct and work professionally in a variety of fields in the Sacramento area.

In 2010, Money managazine, ranked GIS as one of the Top 100 Best Jobs.  GIS has been and continues to be a very lucrative field and is especially known for becoming an "effective" and "efficient" technology to save resources in a variety of fields and disciplines.

The LRCCD GIS Program offers both an Associate of Science in GIS as well as a GIS Certificate.  A full-time student can complete the Associates degree in 3 semesters and finish with a full complement of knowledge and skills to prepare them for the workforce.  The LRCC GIS program is a good investment for those who want to learn skills that have a lucrative future, become re-trained in a field that can be applied in most of todays industries, or expand their working knowledge of gesopatial technologies that they can use in their current workplace or to move onto a new field of interest.  The four major campuses that make up the Los Rios Community College offer GIS courses with American River College offering the widest array of courses.  The GIS program and courses taught at the Los Rios Community Colleges are well known throughout California and the world and are transferable to the California State University system and to many other programs throughout the nation.  Most students complete the Certificate or Associates of Science degree at American River College.

Campuses and GIS Programs 

The links below have more information about the GIS program and the respective courses offered at each campus.

American River College - Courses
Sacramento City College - Courses
Cosumnes River College - Courses
Folsom Lake College - Courses

As the Instructor 

I have taught as an adjunct faculty at the Los Rios Community College District since 2003.  Most of the classes I teach are at the American River College campus.  In addition to content I teach common geoprocessing, data analysis methodologies, and problem solving in all of my classes.  Students have a chance to expand their knowledge, skill, and abilities by conducting project which they deliver as presentations and written reports.  I try to bring the "real world" to the classroom as much as possible.  All instructors at Los Rios can obtain free 1 year licenses of ArcGIS - ArcEditor software that they provide to students to use outside of class.