Training and Tutorials

Opticks Extension Download and Install





This presentation shows how to download an Opticks extension.





This presentation shows two methods for installing an Opticks extension.


Opticks - Open Source Image Processing Software User's Guide


    (5Mb PDF, 60 pgs)



I created the Opticks User's Guide to assist students and others for using the Opticks Open Source Image Processing software. The guide currently covers all of the fundamentals of Opticks as well as documents multispectral, hyperspectral, and spectral signature creation and evaluation. (~5 Mb - 60 pgs)


Deriving Elevation from Parallax Equations





This presentation explains how elevation is derived from using the parallax equations used in photogrammetry. This process can be used to generate a DEM for use in the orthophoto production process.



City University - City of Sacramento

The following shows a listing of courses I teach for the City of Sacramento. I have been serving on the City University faculty since 2005.

ERDAS Imagine Fundamentals


    (4Mb PDF, 45 pgs)



This is an excerpt of an ERDAS Imagine Fundamentals Guide I wrote up for my Remote Sensing class to get them started with Imagine. It is focused on the basics of Preference Settings and the Image Viewer tools, menus, and working with remotely sensed imagery.


Contact me about the full document.


WiscImg (Image Processing Software)



    (6Mb PDF)


This is an image processing software that I participated in producing while a grad student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Environmental Monitoring Program. I provide this guide to my students in the Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing class to help them use the WiscImg software. This supplements the primary image processing software I use in class, ERDAS Imagine. You must contact me to use the software.

GeoXT(XH), GPS Analyst, and ArcPad


    (1.5Mb PDF, 48 pgs)


This is an operations manual I created for my students in the Introduction to GPS class I teach at American River College. Students use this manual to help them understand how to set up a Trimble GPS Unit, use Trimble GPS Analyst, ArcPad, and Trimble GPS Correct to conduct field data collection.



ArcGIS ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcPad screen shots are used by permission of ESRI.


Contact me about the full document.